Wolfgang Widmoser on His Waterlily-Pond Series of Paintings

Texts by Wolfgang Widmoser
Bali-based international artist
 You observe a waterlily-pond.
 An endless variety of forms appear and evolve with the movement of the light.
 Manifold reflections make You aware that everything is connected – 
 An intricate net of live and death and new life.
 The mirror-ball reflects the overall situation and places the observer inside the object.
 Your eyes perceive a 3-dimensional world embedded in a multidimensional Universe.
 As quantum physics explains all objects are energy – an energy that the observer perceives.
 Observing the ever changing situations Your consciousness is expanded to the point when You realize
 That You Yourself create the reality You are perceiving. You see the plants and the plants also see You – 
 They have a consciousness and the flower becomes more beautiful the longer You look at it.
 Painting is an attempt to order colored patches on a surface as to inform the observer of a possible 
 reality that might manifest as an expanded consciousness. A dynamic balance is needed to create the
 realistic illusion of the world apparent in color and shapes.
 The mystery remains and the process has no end.
 The lily pond is teaching me the secrets of the Universe. So far I found an incredible beauty at the core 
 of the world.
Wolfgang Widmoser’s solo exhibition at Zen1 Gallery, Bali, 12 December 2020 – 11 January 2021
I dive into the world of water plants. 
Dian puts two bowls in my garden and I start fascinated to explore these worlds. 
Once again I discover the Universe through a kind of mirror which contains the whole cosmos. 
Sun, moon and clouds, shadow and light, blossoms, leaves and little insects, dewdrops which collect the earth like a magician – I am reminded of the stone of wisdom. 
Micro- and macrocosm reveal themselves as an expression of a supreme totality and we can only observe the miracle of being aware.
”Everything flows” Heraclites suggests and I agree looking at my bowl of waterlilies. 
There’s no beginning and no end - only “INTENSITY”.

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